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  • Orujo Cream
    Orujo Cream

    Peña Sagra´s  cream  is obtained after mixing the best dairy cream and...

    8,26 € Impuestos incluidos
  • Herbs liqueur
    Herbs liqueur

    The result of six months maceration it´s this unique sweet herbal...

    9,09 € Impuestos incluidos
  • Honey orujo liqueur
    Honey orujo liqueur

    Only with natural ingredients like the honey harvested from bee-hives...

    9,09 € Impuestos incluidos
  • Marc - Orujo
    Marc - Orujo

    Anjana´s name was chosen from Cantabria´s mythology, she was a good...

    9,09 € Impuestos incluidos
  • Marzipan liqueur cream
    Marzipan liqueur cream

    Liquor of Mazapán with orujo by Diosanjana

    7,85 € Impuestos incluidos
  • Orujo with Honey
    Orujo with Honey

    Orujo by Diosanjana, honey and coffee, 38% Vol.

    11,57 € Impuestos incluidos
  • Coffee cream
    Coffee cream

    Orujo by Diosanjana, milk cream and coffee. 17%Vol.

    9,92 € Impuestos incluidos
  • Spirit drink with sour cherries
    Spirit drink with sour cherries

    Orujo by Diosanjana, Sour cherries from Liébana valley and sugar. 31% Vol.

    11,57 € Impuestos incluidos

Picking up the name of the Cantabrian mythology where the Anjana was the nice and good fairy, and using the traditional alquitara for the elaboration of her Orujo liquors, Diosanjana produces her Orujo in Potes.

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items