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  • Orujo Cream
    Orujo Cream

    Peña Sagra´s  cream  is obtained after mixing the best dairy cream and...

    8,26 € VAT excluded
  • Herbs liqueur
    Herbs liqueur

    The result of six months maceration it´s this unique sweet herbal...

    9,09 € VAT excluded
  • Honey orujo liqueur
    Honey orujo liqueur

    Only with natural ingredients like the honey harvested from bee-hives...

    9,09 € VAT excluded
  • Marc - Orujo
    Marc - Orujo

    Anjana´s name was chosen from Cantabria´s mythology, she was a good...

    9,09 € VAT excluded
  • Marzipan liqueur cream
    Marzipan liqueur cream

    Liquor of Mazapán with orujo by Diosanjana

    7,85 € VAT excluded
  • Orujo with Honey
    Orujo with Honey

    Orujo by Diosanjana, honey and coffee, 38% Vol.

    11,57 € VAT excluded
  • Coffee cream
    Coffee cream

    Orujo by Diosanjana, milk cream and coffee. 17%Vol.

    9,92 € VAT excluded
Peña Sagra

Liquors and aguardiente Peña Sagra.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items