The evolution of wine has been one of most practiced arts in the region of Liebana due to its special climatic characteristics.

The superior quality of this region has also been documented for over 1.000 years.
In the last few years the land dedicated to wine cultivation has gone down notabely. However, the traditional form of distilling spirits has been conserved in Potes and the surrounding villages.

The quality of this products is well appreciated not only in the region but also nationwide. You can find this product on the menus of the best restaurants through out the country.


The making of Anjana's orujo is done in the traditional way. The original still is of copper and is made in three parts, the boiler, the middle part called "capotillo" and the top.

All three have their own function, form and dimensions to assure a distilled product of high quality.

The boiler is filled with water, wine and the remains of pressed grapes. The distillig proccess begins with a slow boil thus trapping the condesed orujo steam to the top part. Once the steam has been trapped it is cooled off the top with cold water.

The final condesed product of over 50% alcohol is then trasfered drop by drop to a holding tank.